Summertime Golfing in Dallas


Texas is infamous for its inconsistent weather, and yet we can always count on our summers to be similar the most. They often bring the least rain, all the heat, and of course plenty of nice sunny skies. You and your loved ones should be able to make the most of any perfect day, which is why our luxury apartments at Alexan Maple put you close to some of the best outdoor fun venues in Dallas.

TopGolf is a resort-style golf course that stands out above all others through its impressive seating and dining arrangements, great activities, and hands-on classes that even the greenest of beginners will love. Their Dallas location just outside of Vickery Meadow is only eight miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive there in just under half an hour, depending on traffic. TopGolf Dallas offers over seventy climate-controlled hitting bays, allowing you and your group a chillaxed leisure space while you drive for the best score. If you get hungry during your visit, you can order a delicious meal or some drinks from their on-site restaurants and bars, which feature a wide assortment of mouthwatering American cuisine combined with their unique cocktails and liquor. Save some cash while on the range through their special deals, including half-price Tuesdays and teacher Mondays all summer long. Finally, attend some one-on-one lessons and full classes from professional coaches, which can be tailor-fitted to suit any play style and experience level.

Enjoy the best days of Texas summers on the green here at Alexan Maple. Check out our luxury apartments and TopGolf Dallas this summer.

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