Dallas apartments

Dallas Apartments with Convenient Nuance

Chores are a daily part of adult life. There’s always something that needs to get done, whether your monthly bills are coming around, your laundry basket has grown taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or you’ve got an important conference call coming but not enough battery life on your cell to pull it off. Thankfully, our luxury Dallas apartments at Alexan Maple are here to help; our luxury apartment amenities will keep you in track, so that you can adult with success.

For starters, no longer do you have to fumble around your home, looking for the correct converter for your phone charger. All our luxury apartments have USB ports installed throughout, allowing you to simply plug in your cable and charge your handheld devices in no time. Our custom walk-in closets designed...

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1 bedroom

Stunning 1 Bedroom in Dallas

Where you live can influence how you live. Start your life on the right foot when you enjoy the luxury apartment homes of the Alexan Maple. Find the floorplan that is just right for the lifestyle you want to live. Enjoy the 1 bedroom layout that makes coming home a rewarding part of your day. But it is more than square footage that makes these luxury apartments so appealing. Here you can...

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18th & Vine BBQ near Alexan Maple

Discover more than an abundance of luxury when you live at the Alexan Maple. Live beyond your expectations and experience personal luxury on a grand scale. This all begins when you choose the right floor plan that will host your life. A perfect layout is waiting for you. Inside each comfortable luxury apartment home is a suite of apartment features that steal the stress from your day and...

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More than Luxury Apartments in Oak Lawn

You don’t have to venture far away from home for good times with friends. When you live at, every weekend is perfect for catching up with the crew. Community amenities make socializing with your new neighbors comfortable and relaxing. There is also plenty to share with old friends. This dedication to luxury and comfort extends into your new home. Luxury features...

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Oak Lawn

Luxury Apartment Home in Oak Lawn

Want to enjoy a life worth shouting about? Start with a new home you will love. Enjoy your new life at the Alexan Maple in the Oak Lawn area and see what everyone is talking about. You deserve to be surrounded by luxury apartment features that make your life easier and comfortable. Each detail is designed to bring a confident joy into your day-to-day. You will find even more to love as soon as...

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